Custodial Agreement Mfda

After receipt and verification of the above-mentioned items, additional documents (i.e.: Where a member chooses to rely on the deposit agreement between the fund company or financial institution and the MFDA, the member must ensure that the MFDA has received the following documents for each company with which it has entered into a retention agreement: Middlefield Fund Management Limited transferred the agreement to Middlefield Limited. MD Funds Management Inc. Merger with MD Private Investment Management Inc. The merged company is MD Physician Services Inc. Brandywine Global Investment Management (Canada), ULC Client value securities and other investment products may be held by the member in certified form on client names when held, or in certified or unregulated form in the nominated name. Investment products include (without restriction) securities of any kind, investment funds, investment funds, pensions and other types of insurance contracts, deposits and deposits of any kind, in any form whatsoever (i.e. certified, unregulated). BluMont Capital Corporation merges with Arrow Capital Management Inc. The combined company is Arrow Capital Management Inc.

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